Design and Layout

Here's a selection of different outdoor campaigns, posters and other layouts I've worked on.

ALRGI is a fictional campaign highlighting how important it is to spray perfume on your clothes instead of your skin, to avoid perfume allergies, because your clothes can't get allergies. (Fictional client - Board of Health)

Ændr Retorikken calls out newspapers and politicians in their use of the phrase 'immigrant boys' about people born and raised in Denmark, which makes them feel like they don't belong, despite having spent their entire lives here.

The Waterstones poster is a personal project, which I created for an imaginary campaign to re-release classic books, each with a poster fitting the theme and story of the book.

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My name is Anne and I'm a graphic designer from Denmark. I'm a creative nerd who loves branding and digital design. Currently looking for new opportunities!
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